Serving with Purpose


Office of the Senior Pastor

Bishop Jerome S. Wilcox

The GCFM "Official Board"

Deacon Andre G. Williams, Chairman Deacon, Trustee Janice W. Larmore, Chair, Trustee Board and Deacon Phillip L. Jackson, Jr., Church Administrator

GCFM Ministerial Council

Dr. Elder Leroy Whaley, President; Elder Michele Jackson, Vice President

Ministries and Auxiliaries

Men's Ministry

Minister Otis M. Rawls, President

Women's Ministry

Sister Jeanne M. Rawls, President 

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Minister Kyle L. Sanders, President, Minister Melvin D. Hamilton, Sr., Vice President; Sister Chanel A. Williams, Vice President

Pastoral Care Ministry

Elder Anna Marie Miller, Co-Coordinator; Sister Sharlene Williams, Co-Coordinator

Sunday School
Bible Study & Prayer
Outreach Ministry
GCFM Tract Ministry

Sister Joyce L. Butler, Coordinator, Mother Alzada Gatling, Coordinator; Mother Juanita C. Thomas, Coordinator and Sister Lois Cooper, Coordinator

GCFM Travel Ministry

Sister Norma J. Cooper, President; and Mother Alzada Gatling, Vice President

Men's Saturday Prayer Group

Brother Wayne Davis, President

GCFM Musical Department

Sister Jeanne M. Wilcox, Minister of Music
Brother D. Corey Shipley, Assistant Minister of Music

Award Winning Bishop's Choir
The GCFM Praise Team
The Sanctuary Choir

Brother Darin A. Oliver, Coordinator

Praise Dance & Mime Ministry
Children In Praise Choir
Sister Sharlene Williams, Coordinator
Join Pastor every Wednesday at 12pm

Bible Study

One Hour

A time of comprehensive and through Bible Study.

Relevant Study

In depth research on what the Word says about specific topics.

Empower yourself 

Get knowledge to help you witness and live a holy life.