Senior Pastor

Bishop Jerome Wilcox

Nothing is more influential in shaping and molding our world than a yielded vessel to carry the message of Jesus Christ’s hope and deliverance for all mankind.  These attributes are found in Bishop Jerome S. Wilcox; pastor, founder, community leader, mentor, counselor and administrator of ministry excellence.  He has been chosen to usher in a dynamic and powerful move of God.  

Like Nehemiah, he is not afraid of what God has placed in his hands to do. He has a burning vision to see the lives of all mankind transformed by the revelation of God’s holy word.  

Bishop Wilcox is an anointed gospel preacher and teacher who ministers a firm foundation of biblical truth that is moving people toward new levels of spirituality and growth in the body of Christ. He challenges the saints to deeper spirituality in Christ through prayer, fasting and commitment. Through Bishop’s counsel, encouragement, and prayers; countless individuals and families have been won to Christ and many in the community have been lifted with a new hope in Jesus Christ.
As an educator in the New Jersey Public School System, Bishop served as a teacher and a Junior High School Administrator. In June 1997, he retired from the Ewing Public School System with over thirty-five years of service.
Abiding In the Anointing Assemblies Inc., History
In August of 1997, Bishop Wilcox was installed as the Chief Presiding Prelate of the Abiding In the Anointing Assemblies Inc., and continued to serve as the Senior Pastor and Founder of Grace Cathedral Fellowship Ministries, Inc., of Trenton, New Jersey. In April 1997, Bishop Wilcox received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Theology from the Shiloh Theological Seminary of Stafford, Virginia.

Bishop Wilcox and his wife, Elder Mae E. Wilcox, visionaries of the renown Abiding in the Anointing Conference found in April of 1994 which showcased such speakers as Bishop T. D. Jakes, Bishop Noel Jones, Dr. Myles Munroe, Bishop Barbara Amos, Dr. Iona Locke, Bishop Robert J. Rochford, Bishop Dr. Ernestine Reems, Bishop Brian Keith Williams, and Dr. Mark Chironna just to name a few. God has also blessed Bishop Wilcox to erect two (2) new state of the art church sanctuary’s and also to be the “First” urban church in the State of New Jersey to “Go Green” with
solar energy on both building.

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