The visionary of the music ministry of Grace Cathedral
fellowship Ministries, Inc., Trenton, New Jersey was
birthed by the Minister of Music, Jeanne Wilcox-Rawls,
the Bishop daughter. The Mass Choir and the Gospel
birthed by the Minister of Music, Jeanne Wilcox-Rawls,
the Bishop's daughter.

The Mass Choir and the Gospel Bishop's Choir as
they would minister primarily on pastoral Sundays.
Chorus came together to form the Bishop's Choir
in honor of our pastor and founder,
Bishop Jerome S. Wilcox

The main focus of this church is to minister in
song to lost souls as the Church motto so poignantly
states Christ our message & Souls our mission.  
Undoubtedly The Bishop's Choir is one of the most
anointed and prolific church choirs in the greater
Trenton and surrounding areas, whose songs are
not only lyrical, soul stirring, energetic and diverse,
but life changing and evangelistic.

One of the greatest accomplishments of the
Bishop's Choir came to fruition on November 13,
1999 when it completed its first live recording. The
recording was held at Grace Cathedral fellowship
Ministries, Inc., before a packed house of over
800 church members, family and supporters.  
Many had to be turned away as the Cathedral
filled to capacity.  There was such an
atmosphere of expectancy and anointing that
it was apparent from the start of the evening that
God's divine presence and sanction was on the
project.  The choir's producer and musical director
for the project was D. Corey Shipley who wrote
tracks entitled, Old Time Way; Give God the
Highest Praise; and Go Tell It.  
Three additional
tracks entitled Worthy to Be Praised; Just To
Abide and He Will make It Alright were written by
the Minister of Music, Jeanne Wilcox- Rawls.

The Bishop's Choir  labor was realized on
November 11, 2000 when they released its
first live CD entitled Live at the Cathedral
during another highly anointed service filled
with praise and worship for what the Lord
had done in our midst.

The Bishop's Choir recorded their
sophomore project on November 22, 2003
entitled God Has Been Good to Me before
a live audience of over 2000 well-wishers and
supporters. The Bishop's Choir second live
recording took the choir to anew level of
ministry, which is currently exhibited as the
now minister throughout the country.
Now releasing their third album entitled
Trust Him.  

The Bishop's Choir is causing a shift in the
Kingdom of God with hits such as Love,
Heaven and the album title cut Trust Him.  
The Bishop's Choir has been blessed to
minister not only locally but also throughout
the country.

In the past year, the choir has embarked on
a broader area of ministry by coming together
in ministry with other cultures. This coming
together has enhanced the racial harmony in
our surrounding communities as orchestrated
by Bishop Jerome S. Wilcox and is currently
the heartbeat of the outreach ministry.

The Bishop's Choir is positioned and ready to
become a driving force in the return of church
choirs and church ministry in this end-time,
exciting and inspirational move of God in the
ministry of music.
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